Our Doodle Puppies are all raised with love and make wonderful family pets.  They are exceptionally smart and with proper training can make superb service or therapy dogs.  They do however; have a playful side and can be mischievous if the mood hits!!  We always encourage you to teach children how to approach and touch any dog, and always supervise any interactions between dogs and young children. 

We use Embark Vet, to test our adult dogs and all the puppies receive complete veterinarian care from birth.   To insure the puppies start life off on the right paw, we send each puppy to their "furever" home with their own puppy starter bag.  We do request a non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy.

About Our Dogs and Puppies

Our F1 doodle puppies are a cross between either a Labrador, Golden Retriever, Old English Sheepdog or Great Pyrenee and a Standard Poodle.  These puppies are 50% AKC Standard Poodle and 50% other AKC Pure Bred.

The F1b puppies are a cross between and F1 and a Standard Poodle.  These puppies are 75% AKC Standard Poodle and 25%  other Pure Bred. 

Either generation of puppies (F1 or F1b) can have coats that  can be  wiry,  soft curls, or curly.  Depending on which genes the puppy inherits.  The Curlier the coat, the less shedding there will be.  The curlier the coat, the more maintenance will be required. 

Most of the standard doodle puppies have an average shoulder height of 13-26 inches and will weigh about 50-70lbs, depending on if they are male or female.   However; there are always exceptions to the "rules" and a puppy can get bigger than expected.

We usually have a variety of colors to choose from.

The Puppies are born and raised in Whelping Houses.  Most are equipped with heated floors for winter.  All have plenty of space for the puppies to play as they grow.


Size, Weight and Coat

The adult dogs live in cabins with plenty of space to run and play.  The Cabins are heated in the winter.

My Doodle Doggies